What's her name?

BRRR! It's cold outside!

Meteorologist Jeff Creighton is saying that we'll be starting off our Tuesday morning in the upper 30s, but those temperatures will be making their way into the mid-60s by the afternoon. Jeff and Frank will have more on today's forecast all morning long on FOX19!

Dusty Baker is back...at least for a few more seasons! He signed a two-year contract extension with the Cincinnati Reds yesterday, giving him another chance to take our boys deep into the playoffs. Welcome back Dusty!

We now have new information about the police officer who fatally shot a woman during a domestic dispute over the weekend. Rob Williams and Sheila Gray will have the inside scoop during the FOX19 Morning News, or you can check it our on our web site.

President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are getting ready for the second presidential debate. Round two of three will take place tonight at Hofstra University in New York and it is in town hall format, causing both candidates to leave their tours to prepare.

If you're looking for a place to watch the debate locally, head on down to the University of Cincinnati! They'll be hosting a "Debate the Debate" viewing party that is free to the public. Dan Wells is live on campus this morning with more information.

Here's a consumer alert for all of you proud puppy owners: Nature's Recipe is voluntarily recalling their "Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken" over salmonella concerns. If you have purchased a bag of the treats, the company is advising you to pitch it.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is asking for your help in naming the newest member of their family! Tessa the giraffe gave birth to a female calf on Friday, and the contest is open to participants all week long. To find out how to submit your suggestions, click here. If your brain need a break from all the hard work you're doing, check out these adorable photos of the new baby!

Still searching for that perfect Halloween costume? Maybe Frank Marzullo and Stephanie Woods can help! While Tracey Johnson is holding down the fort at the station, they'll be downtown at Cappel's playing dress up! You won't want to miss it during the 9 and 10 a.m. hours of the FOX19  Morning Xtra!