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Board Member: CVG in talks with low-cost airline JetBlue


CVG officials have confirmed that airport board member Larry Savage announced talks with low-cost carrier JetBlue during a board meeting Monday.

Airport officials are not commenting on the matter directly as a matter of policy.

"Certainly they're talking, it's at what stage of the conversation they're at is the question that begs to be answered here," aviation expert Jay Ratliff said Tuesday.

In response to a tweet to JetBlue CEO Dave Barger, the company responded, "We're always looking at new routes, but no CVG plans right now."

On its website the company outlines how they pick new cities in its Blue Tales blog.

An excerpt from the blog states:

"Once we've decided that we'd like to fly to a new destination, we generally keep our new service plans hush-hush until we have the proper approval from those involved in the process. Since there are often many players involved, it's not uncommon that the information leaks, whether the source is an excited crew member, customer, business partner, or member of the local community … Sometimes others want us to come to their city so badly that they announce we're in meetings with them before we've made a decision or announced our plans (which don't change the steps we always take when evaluating new cities, but we're flattered that we're wanted!)."

Ratliff says JetBlue is one of the few carriers that is expanding and Cincinnati could be a great new addition on their map.

"Cincinnati would be a perfect fit because there's many people from our region that travel to the northeast," he said.

Ratliff says even if JetBlue is in fact in talks with board members, it could still take months or even years before their planes land on CVG's tarmac. He also says one carrier alone with a handful of flights will not be enough on its own to get CVG back on track. Finally, when low-cost carries are eventually brought in Ratliff says it will be up to air travelers to ensure their success.

"We have to have community support if any airline that is coming in  has any realistic chance of being with us long term," Ratliff said.

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