Halloween Witch's Hats from Barbie Hahn

All you need to make the hats is:

Sugar Ice cream cones (pointy ones)

Chocolate frosting for the "glue"

Reese's pieces for the band on the witches hat

Store bought chocolate cookies for the brim of the hat.

Chocolate chips, melted


Ziploc bags for piping icing

Paint melted chocolate onto ice cream cones.  Let cool and harden.

Place cone on top of chocolate cookie

Place a couple tablespoons of icing in Ziploc bag and cut small hole in corner of bag

Pipe the icing like "glue" around the bottom of the cone to attach it to the cookie

Pipe a small line of chocolate above the bottom of the cone to attach the Reese's pieces to the hat

You put them together, then you take them apart and EAT them.....