Asian longhorned beetle infested tree removals are ongoing

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Officials of the Ohio Department of Agriculture say trees infected with Asian longhorned beetles are continuing to be removed in Clermont County.

Ground and tree-climbing survey crews also continue to conduct surveys and inspect host trees throughout the regulated areas.

The following numbers pertain to the infested tree removals and surveys currently being conducted:

8,781 Number of ALB infested trees removed as of 10/13/12 (since removals started on 11/14/11)

8,918 Number of ALB infested trees confirmed as of 10/13/12 (since detection on 6/17/11)

203,413 Number of trees surveyed as of 10/13/12 (since surveys began on 7/1/11)

61 Square]miles under regulation; see Regulated Area map

Hardwood logs, firewood, stumps, roots and branches may not be moved out of the regulated area.

Residents can report suspected Asian longhorned beetle infestations online.

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