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Batavia High School seniors learn life lesson in bullying


Students at a local high school get a lesson on how to prevent bullying.

The senior class at Batavia High School took a break from the books for a lesson in life.

Greeting three former B.H.S. alumni, the assembly brought the students together to discuss the sensitive subject of bullying.

"I'm 30," said Matthew Ogletree, co-founder of Bully No More, Incorporated. "When I was going to school, if we had a problem it wasn't like this. Now kids are coming back and they are shooting up schools, bringing bombs to schools. So, it's definitely progressed."

Ogletree co-founded the group Bully No More, Inc. to stop the cycle of bullying that he found himself on both sides of as a teenager at B.H.S.

"I appreciate that there was a lot of people that graduated from Batavia," explained senior Matthew Canter. "I think that's cool that they came out here to do it. I think that their views and the fact that they're putting the time into it is a really good thing for the community and school."

"That brings awareness to it," agreed senior Alyssa Northrup. "As well students doing what they should to reach out to other students who might be going through bullying."

Many of the students discussed how life at home plays a large factor in bullying, but so much time is spent at school, that school systems are a key platform for making a positive impact.

"Influence them in what's right and what's wrong," suggested Canter. "And show how you should be a positive influence on other people instead of bringing them down."

Some seniors said they felt that leading by example was the most effective way to make Batavia High School a welcoming place.

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