More Erpenbeck Family Members Sentenced

The father, sister and an associate of a man who once ran one of the biggest home building companies in the Tri State area have been sentenced for their part in a scam to divert money from home buyers into company accounts. Sixty-nine-year-old Tony Erpenbeck was sentenced to five years and ten months in jail today in Cincinnati for conspiracy to attempt to influence his daughter to lie at a sentencing hearing for his son. Forty-one-year-old Lori Erpenbeck was sentenced to one year and a day in jail, and 34-year-old Michelle Marksberry was sentenced to two years in jail. Both were ordered to 21 (m) million dollars in restitution, along with forfeiting nearly 34 (m) million dollars. Both women had pleaded guilty to committing bank fraud. Forty-three-year-old William Erpenbeck Junior was sentenced in April to two 30-year prison terms, to be served concurrently. He had pleaded guilty to a bank fraud charge and to conspiracy for trying to pressure his sister into changing her testimony in his fraud case.