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Bus stop stabbing victim speaks out about the attack


In broad daylight at a busy bus stop, a woman was stabbed repeatedly by a complete stranger who admits to wanting to murder her.

On Wednesday, Tiara Metcalf, 24, spoke out for the first time since the attack at the Government Square bus stop.

"It was broad daylight, people out for lunch, business people," Metcalf recalled the atmosphere at the bus stop on Oct. 16. "People catching the bus to go work and nobody intervened."

At the busy bus stop in the heart of downtown, witnesses, including Metcalf, said Jerome Haven, 31, verbally and physically attacked a woman.

"I can't sit there and watch somebody get attacked like that and not at least try to help or ask if they're okay," Metcalf added.

What happened next is still difficult for her to talk about, but she feels it's important to speak out.

As Metcalf approached the first woman who was hit, Raven switched his focus to Metcalf and quickly began to attack her.

"I had a total of 12 stab wounds, and a punctured lung, and a fractured skull," Metcalf explained.

While dozens of people looked on, two people emerged from the crowd and came to Metcalf's aid.

One was a gentleman that used his cane to stop Raven's attack, and the other a stranger from across the street who has now become a friend.

Metcalf calls them both her heroes.

"She was supporting me because I was so upset," laughed Carrie Neltner, who sat by Metcalf's side until emergency responders arrived. "She's my hero. She's a trooper."

Metcalf testified in front of the grand jury on Wednesday in hopes that her attacker would be indicted.

Both good Samaritans that came to Metcalf's rescue were at the court house steps for moral support.

Jerome Raven is charged with assault, two counts of felonious assault and attempted murder for his alleged attacks on three victims.

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