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Columbus man finds stolen dogs on Craigslist


Two blue and white Pit Bulls were one Columbus man's pride and joy. They were gifts from his niece and nephew and he planned on raising them as family dogs; but the plan would be altered.

"One night I went outside and went looking for the dogs and they were gone. The gates were open and the dogs were just disappeared."

The man did not want to be identified. Distraught over losing his animals, he began the search for new dogs to fill the void in his heart. His next stop was Craigslist. After searching through a number of different ads-- he came across a striking photo that bared a uncanny resemblance to his own dogs.

"The ad read that the people had raised the dogs from puppies and they had papers on the dogs and which you can't get papers on dogs unless you are the actual owner."

He was certain that he was in-fact the dog's owner. He got in contact with the sellers immediately. They denied stealing the dogs so he got Columbus police involved.

"I looked at my pictures which I took to the people who had the dog and I showed it to them so its kind of self-explanatory you really didn't have to say much but look at this dog and look at that dog and there it is."

Though he is pretty sure the dogs are his-- he even has the documents to prove it, he now has to wait for the law to intervene. He told me that the family took the dogs for money.  Both animals are valued at $2,000 each.

He says this shocking turn of events has opened his eyes and reminds him to think before buying things on the Internet. Still he holds on to hope that his dogs will soon come home safely.

"I don't know how they are being taken care of, I don't know what they are eating; it's kind of hard on me right now."

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