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Sandy impacts Tri-State travel plans


Tri-State travelers felt the impacts of Sandy's landfall Monday despite being hundreds of miles from the eye of the storm.

"We're so glad to be out of New York. We were almost caught in Sandy," Vicki Shapiro said.

With thousands of flights canceled, Vicki Shapiro and her husband Bernard had to hit the road to get ahead of the storm.

"We got out on the last Greyhound bus to leave New York," Bernard told FOX19.

The Big Apple was supposed to be their return flight to LA.

"We spent, I don't know, a million hours on a Greyhound bus to get here to Cincinnati to fly home," Vicki said.

For Kathy Wukela and Jo Plaster, New York was supposed to be a gateway to an Italian adventure.

"Now we're going Cincinnati to Paris on to Italy," Wukela said.

Their new flight sat sandwiched on the boards at CVG between multiple cancellations.

"Last year when I went to Nova Scotia I had to out wait Irene. So what can you say?" Plaster offered.

Duke Energy says have been prepping for the storm since Friday.

"We're not sending anybody out of our area until 100 percent we're in good shape here," Duke Energy spokesperson Sally Thelen said.

Thelen says while local crews will be in a holding pattern, up to 1200 crews from other states could be headed to impacted areas of the East Coast in the next 24 hours.

At AAA they're recommending all travelers re-confirm their plans if they are heading to or through the East Coast.

"That's impacting our travelers here in Cincinnati that plan on traveling outside of Cincinnati due to the fact that they can't get out right now," travel agent Nichole Heidelberg said.

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