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Oh, Sandy...

Get ready for a coldd, wet and windy Tuesday. Meteorologist Jeff Creighton is saying that wind gusts will get up to 50 mph early on, so be extra careful during your morning commute. As far as what's falling from the sky, we'll primarily be seeing a rain/snow mix with highs only hitting the low 40s.

THE LATEST ON HURRICANE SANDY: Almost six million people are without power while Sandy slams the east coast. The tropical super storm made landfall in New Jersey last night and has even gone as far as shutting down Wall Street and the subway systems in NYC. Sandy is also responsible for at least 14 deaths. Although crews are working to restore power, folks without can expect to remain in the dark for the rest of the week.

Locally, Duke Energy is on standby to assist those in the northeast and here in the Tristate. Cory Stark is live in Sharonville this morning with more information.

Thoughts and prayers are being sent to Carroll County this morning after a tragic bus crash has left two preschoolers dead. The crash happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon when the bus went partially off the road, rolled on its side and struck a tree. The cause for the accident is still under investigation and we will have the latest for you on our web site.

I can't remember the last time I saw gas for $1.84/gallon, but folks in the Anderson area had the opportunity to fill up for less yesterday. A Marathon station on Beechmont Avenue participated in the "Pain in the Gas" rolling tour that's making its way through Ohio this week. The campaign is designed to raise awareness about US Energy Policies. Rob Williams and Sheila Gray will have more information on the next stops being made by the "Gas man can" group.

According to a new study released by the FBI, crime in Ohio is on the decline and has dropped 15% since 2010. Dan Wells is live this morning with more on the report.

Do you love candy corn? If so, feel free to feast today as it is National Candy Corn day! Coming up in the 5 a.m. hour, we will have a delicious snack made up of the traditional Halloween candy, nutter butter bars and marshmallows!

As you probably know, FOX19 holds breast cancer very near and dear to our hearts. Today, we're going to be shining the spotlight on a different form of the disease-pancreatic cancer. Coming up in today's FOX19 Morning Xtra, Frank Marzullo and Tracey Johnson will be talking to a special guest whose goals and ambitions are helping with the fight! 

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