Hiker Rescue

Hiker survives cliff fall in Red River Gorge

Thanks in part to his brother and a troop of Boy Scouts, a 21-year-old Cincinnati man was able to survive a fall off a cliff. It happened six weeks ago, when David Scheller, his brother John and a friend were camping in Kentucky's rugged Red River Gorge area in the Daniel Boone Forest. David Scheller was sleeping in a rock shelter when he slipped off and fell 100 feet. When his brother and their friend found Scheller six hours later, he was bloody and semi-conscious. Fortunately, John Scheller ran into a group of Boy Scouts from Cincinnati. They administered first-aid and also cleared brush to make way for emergency workers. David Scheller was hospitalized for more than three weeks, and still has to wear a neck brace. But his father says Scheller intends to go back to college and wants to return to the gorge.