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Week 10: LSU-Alabama is the best game so far this season

Alabama travels to LSU for its stiffest challenge this year. (Source: Alabama media relations) Alabama travels to LSU for its stiffest challenge this year. (Source: Alabama media relations)

The games of November are the ones you remember. It's Week 10 in the SEC, the Amen Corner of football season, where we start to find out where it's gonna land when it all comes down.

We hope it's not on you. All times Eastern:

Missouri at No. 7 Florida , Noon, ESPN2

Oh, poor Missouri, bless your hearts again. This is a bad week to visit Florida, which lost six turnovers last week and snatched defeat from the jaws of Wildly Overrated Georgia (WOG). An irritable group of Gators will meet you. Pull back and try to save the equipment.

Vanderbilt at Kentucky, Noon, ESPNU

Vanderbilt can take one step closer to a second-straight date with bowl destiny against the spiraling-downward-in-flames Wildcats. Barring unforeseen circumstances, this will give the Commodores their fifth win, and to ensure at least a 6-6 season and a thrilling postseason journey to the big stadium across town, they will only have to beat one of the following: Ole Miss, 5-3; Tennessee, 3-5; or Wake Forest, 4-4. All doable things.

Troy at Tennessee, Noon, ESPN3

The good thing about being Tennessee is that 102,455 people will spend perfectly good American money to wedge into Neyland Stadium to watch the 3-5 Vols play the 4-4 Troy Trojans. That's also the bad thing if you are Derek Dooley.

New Mexico State at Auburn, Noon p.m., ESPN3

The "Beat Somebody" buttons began appearing on lapels in Auburn this week, and somebody enters as if on cue. The Tigers are finally starting talented freshman QB Jonathan Wallace – maybe they were saving him for the big game. Auburn should beat New Mexico State, but I wouldn't take Auburn and give 23 points against a gentle breeze.

Tulsa at Arkansas 12:21 p.m., SEC Network

Arkansas is favored over Tulsa because it is named for a state and Tulsa is named for a town. Tulsa, y'all, is packing a 7-1 record against what can charitably be called a marginal schedule. Arkansas has been as sketchy as the whimsical line drawings of artist Frank Gehry

Mississippi at No. 6 Georgia 3:30 p.m., CBS

Well, you Dusky Ursine Rebels under first-year coach Hugh Freeze, here's your chance to make a statement. Wildly Overrated Georgia (WOG) is coming off a hard-fought game it should have lost and you are coming off a week of leisure and recuperation. This is a game worth watching, but it should have been on at 8 p.m. and Alabama-LSU should have been the CBS Awesome Game of the Week. But after last year, the lamestream sports media were too gunshy to play up the best game this year too much.

No. 1 Alabama at No. 5 LSU 8 p.m., CBS

Last year's Alabama-LSU game was billed The Game of the Century, got hyped through the roof and proved that football is like jazz. The better it gets, the fewer people like it.

The game wasn't thrilling enough for all the edgy, free-thinking hipster fans out there, with their androgynous hair all slick with gel, checkered scarves and tight jeans they bought at thrift stores, thick-rimmed glasses, untied Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Bon Iver-loaded iPods, all hanging out in marginal urban neighborhoods and cheering for high-scoring teams that wear silly uniforms and couldn't find defense in the dictionary.

Bah. Humbug.

That game was great. The Tide and the Tigers struggled to a 6-6 tie in regulation. LSU made a field goal in OT, Alabama missed its fifth – FIFTH – field goal and lost.

It was exquisite. Every play was breathtaking. As one of my ancient, hardnosed old pals who coaches college ball once said, You can pitch it around, run wild routes, play multiple sets and trick up your defense, but all football still comes down to who knocks the bleep out of who."

Amen. And he didn't say bleep.

This year, it's the same. No-drama Alabama, methodical destroyer of everything, confronts the ever-weird Les Miles machine, of which anything is possible.

But the teams are cut out of the same, magnificent, old-school cloth.

Alabama's offensive line, the best in the nation, collides with LSU's defensive front, likewise the best in our time and place.

LSU's four-headed, power running game clashes with Alabama's thou-shalt-not do anything we don't approve defense.

Alabama's passing game, which is better than LSU's because LSU doesn't have one, against a really good secondary and beastly linebackers.

Alabama's kicking game is actually decent this year. And LSU hates Nick Saban even more than most people.

It's perfect.

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