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Three charged in multiple burglaries

Detectives meeting (Source: Miami Township Police Department) Detectives meeting (Source: Miami Township Police Department)

Two men and one woman have been charged in connection with nine residential burglaries in Miami Township.

Thomas McKinney, 31, Aaron Lawson, 33, and Holly Sumner, 35, were each indicted on Wednesday for multiple counts of burglary. Lawson was also indicted on two counts of grand theft and one count of theft of a firearm.

Authorities say the offenses happened over a two-month period. They say the trio would break into homes during daylight hours and targeted jewelry to be sold for quick cash. The suspects would knock on the door or ring the door bell and if no one answered, they would force their way into the home. If someone answered the door, they would make up an excuse or say they had the wrong address.

When detectives figured out where the stolen jewelry was being sold, they coordinated a stakeout of the location and arrested the suspects the next time they went to sell jewelry.

The suspects identified 35 homes they either burglarized or attempted to burglarize within four counties. Detectives from multiple jurisdictions met on Oct. 16 to review their unsolved burglary cases.

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