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Week 11: Alabama plays Johnny Football; coaching change rumors sizzling

Auburn Undercover is reporting that Gene Chizik's hot seat is heating up at Auburn. (Source: Todd Van Emst) Auburn Undercover is reporting that Gene Chizik's hot seat is heating up at Auburn. (Source: Todd Van Emst)

(RNN) - We are getting to the point in the season where we behold the final agonies of several league coaches. Rumors are swirling like wind-whipped, November snow about the impending professional demises of coaches at three league schools.

It would be really sad if they weren't all filthy rich. Or at least two of them are and one of them used to be.

Arkansas at South Carolina, Noon, CBS

Arkansas can even its record at 5-5 and keep alive the possibility of extending this season's agony for one more postseason game with a win over demoralized South Carolina.

There may be some kind of monetary bowl-clause incentive in the contract for future former interim head coach John L. Smith, who needs the dough. According to news reported far and wide he is in debt by somewhere between $25 million to $40 million.

Like grandpa always said, go big or go home, and buddy, declaring bankruptcy with a net worth eight figures less than zero is pretty darn spectacular.

South Carolina is 7-2 and had a week of rest and recuperation after its 38-35 win over Tennessee two weeks ago.

If you don't have an ant farm, this game might be a pleasant Saturday morning diversion.

Missouri at Tennessee, 12:21 p.m., SEC Network

Missouri is favored over Tennessee, which was one of the founding members of the Southeastern Conference back in 1932. The game is scheduled to be played in Knoxville, which is not too far from Sewanee, also a founding member of the SEC that de-emphasized football and withdrew from the SEC in 1940 to focus on academics. Tennessee has not officially announced if that is its intention, but the Volunteers did give up more than 700 yards to Troy University in a hideous victory that looked like a couple of 11-year-olds playing PlayStation after a Red Bull chugging contest.

I don't even know what to say about this game. Derek Dooley, like John L. Smith and Gene Chizik, is on the griddle.

Louisiana-Lafayette at Florida, 12:21 p.m., SEC Network

Louisiana Lafayette scored about 40 or 50 points a game, has a quarterback named Terrance Broadway who has thrown for 1,600 yards in eight games and is about as likely to throw it to one of the Gators as he is to complete a long touchdown pass.

Florida needs to get its offensive act back together after choking against Georgia then sleepwalking through a sluggish win over Mizzou last week. Maybe the boys in blue will get ‘er done, but you'd have to love you some Gators to watch more than a few minutes of this one.

Texas A&M at Alabama, 3:30 p.m., CBS

Well, we're finally getting to the point in the season where some teams have common opponents. Let's see.

LSU shut down Johnny Football and the potent Texas A&M offense and held on to take a hard-fought 24-19 victory.

LSU shut down AJ McCarron and the potent Alabama offense and lit the Alabama defense up like the Fourth of July, but couldn't hold on, gave up a last-minute drive and lost, 21-17.

So, what happens? Does Alabama's tenacious D come off the deck all vengeful and crush the dashing freshman, or … Yeah, that's probably it.

Vanderbilt at Mississippi, 7 p.m, ESPNU

Vanderbilt is favored over the Rebellious Black Bears in a game slated to be broadcast live and in color over ESPNU, which is where bad games go when they die.

Vanderbilt can nail down a second consecutive bowl season with a victory. The last time that happened was …. I don't know, and don't really want to look it up.

Georgia at Auburn, 7 p.m, ESPN2

The word on the internet is that Auburn President Jay Gogue has told Auburn Board of Trustees members that he's "preparing to possibly" replace coach Gene Chizik. The name that was reported by Auburn Undercover as a possible replacement is Shawn Watson.

We Googled, Bing-ed and went to the library to find out who that is, and he is the offensive coordinator at undefeated Louisville and used to be the offensive coordinator at Nebraska.

In similar, but unrelated news, we are "preparing to possibly" purchase a  new computer, and are looking at a second-generation ASUS, a used Lenovo or a refurbished Macbook Air because they are cheap and affordable, even if they're not what we'd really like. See, we have to be frugal, because we have a $7.5 million buyout clause in our contract with our old computer, which won a national championship two years ago but fell off a table and doesn't work anymore.

Maybe Chizik could save his job with wins over Georgia and Alabama. But barring a meteor hitting Earth, Georgia is going to win this game. So if you want to tune in and listen to ESPN commentators talk about Shawn Watson and other stuff, have a good day.

Mississippi State at LSU, 7 p.m., ESPN

LSU has got to be bitter. It had Alabama flat beat and let those Crimson Tiders unfold a miracle that'll be immortalized and available for purchase as an elegantly framed, signed and numbered print here directly.

If coach Les "Mad Hatter" Miles had kicked a couple of field goals instead of faking one and going for it with a running back playing quarterback on fourth-and-1, he'd have had his offense out there taking a knee instead of calling a last-minute blitz that left T.J. Yeldon wide open for a little dink from AJ McCarron that turned into one of the most exciting touchdowns we saw all day. (And we watched the Troy-Tennessee game, which had about a dozen and a bunch of field goals, too).

Mississippi State, meanwhile, seems to have woken up from its beautiful 7-0 dream to the stark reality that it is, after all, Mississippi State.

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