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Scrap yard reunites WWII vet with his long lost canteen


Thanks to some Batavia scrap yard employees, a 91-year-old WWII veteran has his canteen back.

Clermont County scrap metal company GSM received a load of scrap metal that contained some military canteens.

The plant manager noticed that one of the canteens had a name on it, 'Don Magnuson', and the year '1943'.

The plant manager, being a veteran himself, decided that he wanted to see if he could locate this person. After many attempts with very little success he turned to one of his maintenance employees and asked if he could help in locating the owner of piece of history.

A GSM maintenance man searched the internet and found a phone number for Don Magnuson.

Mrs. Magnuson answered the phone and was happy to tell the folks at GSM about her husband's service.

Mr. Magnuson is now 91 but he was an Army Air Corps pilot during WWII.  He flew over 50 missions during the second world war. 

To thank him for his service, GSM prepared a package with the canteen, an American Flag, and a card of gratitude and mailed it to his Nebraska home.

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