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Controversial proposal for eight-story sign denied


A controversial proposal for an eight-story casino sign has been denied.

A report shows the city's zoning hearing examiner denied that sign along with three other banner signs. However, he did approve 31 other signage requests for the Horseshoe Casino site.

Casino officials argue the sign will help direct traffic around the casino. On the flip side, the zoning code only allows for signs up to 16 feet and some argue the casino signs should be no different.

"It's frustrating when they feel they don't have to ... they don't have to play by the rules," argued Pendleton resident Adam Tissot.

Adam Tissot and his wife Abby have been renovating a home just a few streets up from the casino site.

"You don't erect these neon monstrosities in front of your homes and if you do you make sure the whole neighborhood is down with it," Abby argued.

Adam spoke out against the sign at the zoning examiner's hearing.

"It was too large for the historic area and it was too bright for the residential area and there were other ways to do it," Adam said.

Adam says he was happy with the final decision that granted 29 requests and denied 11, including the modifications the 80 foot sign would have required.

"I was glad they denied the tall sign but the rest of them I felt they needed the signage," Adam said.

The Tissots say they are not against the casino in principal.

"We're completely supportive of the success of the casino; it's good for our neighborhood," Abby told FOX19.

After navigating the rules of the city in their own historic home renovation project, they believe the casino should do the same.

"It would be confusing to us why we were all subject to the rules and they are not," Abby said.

Casino developers have 30 days to file an appeal with Cincinnati's Zoning Board of Appeals. FOX19 reached out to a representative for the developers but so far have not received a response. In the past, casino officials have pointed to their efforts to meet with neighborhood groups to demonstrate they are interested in working with the community.

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