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Thousands sign petitions for their states to secede from Union


About 150 years after the civil war began, residents in about 40 states including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, have signed petitions to "secede" from the Union.    

The petition drive started in reaction to the re-election of President Obama.

"It is not legally possible," said UC constitutional law professor, Chris Bryant.  "The Union cannot be divided and it is composed of states that are indestructible."

Bryant said the mere thought of secession poses dangerous risks from anti-government factions.

"Timothy McVeigh said he was or thought he was engaged in a war against the federal government. He blew up a building, killed hundreds of people including lots of children," said Bryant.

President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for trying to keep the nation together.

"I don't think we ever want to live in a country where the President would be fearful, or the Secret Service would tell him not to go to Alabama. Lincoln never went to the south during the Civil War. I don't think we want that to happen today," said Bryant.

Since the North won the Civil War, Lincoln made it illegal, as a matter of constitutional law, for a state to secede from the Union.

"Were anyone to attempt it seriously would be met by force and I think we saw how that turned out last time," said Bryant.

There is now a competing petition on the White House website calling on the president to strip the citizenship of anyone who signs a secession petition and have them deported.

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