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Attorney General cracks down on synthetic drug distribution


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he is cracking down on the abuse and sale of synthetic drugs such as bath salts and herbal incense. DeWine showed support for legislation that would strengthen current laws banning synthetic drugs and prevent chemists from altering a drug's components in an effort to bypass the law.

Now that regulations on synthetic drug distribution have been tightened, it remains to be seen how it will impact synthetic drug use. Those who treat drug addicts are all for the regulations.

"Oh I think it's very timely. These are dangerous toxins some of these drugs are," said Neil Tilow, Talbert House CEO.

Tilow says synthetic drugs are far from safe.

"They've never been tested, they're not overseen by FDA, so we're putting, ingesting these things, we're chewing them, smoking them, swallowing them, drinking them, whatever," said Tilow.

Lauren Johnson is a recovering heroin addict who tried bath salts once and wishes she hadn't. "It's typically like cocaine. It speeds your heart very fast. You get kind of the same side effect. It just, it really just made me go crazy," said Johnson.

"They can intensify psychiatric symptoms and produce intensified symptoms of anger and aggression and it's very frightening because we don't know the long term outcome of abusing such substances," said therapist Heidi Houston.

Johnson supports any effort to keep those brightly packaged drugs off the market. "The more we can get off the streets, the better," she said.

Medical professionals say anything that can be done to prevent the use of synthetic drugs is worth a try.

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