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Week 12: Lambs come to slaughter, along with a couple of interesting league games

Football will see if he can be the first player in the history of the galaxy to gain 1 billion yards when Texas A&M plays Sam Houston State this weekend (Source: Texas A&M Media Relations) Football will see if he can be the first player in the history of the galaxy to gain 1 billion yards when Texas A&M plays Sam Houston State this weekend (Source: Texas A&M Media Relations)

(RNN) - This is mostly a week of throwaway games as SEC teams prep for next week, which features turkey, dressing and a lot of rivalry games.

But a bad November Saturday in SEC Country watching ball is better than a good November Saturday doing a lot of other things except for one, and you know what we're talking about here, wink, wink (deer hunting).

If you don't have a 12-point monster buck staked out and the shotgun loaded, here's a preview.

Arkansas at Mississippi State 12:21 p.m. SEC Network

The Razorhogs stumble on, headlong into Mississippi State, which is trying to regroup for a strong finish. The big question this week, did Tommy Tuberville take himself out of the running for the Arkansas head coaching job with the Patton-esque cuffing of a graduate assistant coach on the sidelines of last week's game in Lubbock? He knocked the boy's hat and headphones off and everything.

Will that intensify the effort to bring Arkansas native Charlie Strong to Fayetteville rather than Auburn? And what about Gus Malzahn, who has ties to both Arkansas and Auburn? Will they even consider The Line King? He'd make a good head coach, until somebody broke his knees.

The only real drama surrounding the game itself is will Mississippi State get a chance to run up the score in its quest for a bowl game where there are palm trees and things?

Western Carolina at Alabama 12:21 p.m. SEC Network

I guess we can stop asking whether Alabama could beat an NFL team, right? Alabama had a first-and-goal from the 5 against Texas A&M, fourth quarter, little time left, game, season and national championship crack on the line and couldn't ride the magic arm of AJ McCarron to victory even though the best offensive line in college ball and massive running back Eddie Lacy pass blocked for all they were worth on three out of four futile stabs at the end zone.

It's too cold to catch a grasshopper and drop it in a nest of fire ants, so you could tune in to this game instead.

Jacksonville State at Florida 1 p.m. PPV

Jacksonville State's band is awesome, so don't leave before the halftime show.

Wofford at South Carolina 1 p.m. PPV

I hope Wofford does good against South Carolina because I really like those Wofford House restaurants, they always get the eggs over easy just right, the coffee refills are free and their woffords are great, especially the blueberry kind with lots of syrup. Wait. What? Waffles? OK, then, never mind.

Georgia Southern at Georgia 1:30 p.m. PPV

The significance of a directional modifier in the name of a football team is about to demonstrated in a ruthless fashion.

Alabama A&M at Auburn 2 p.m. PPV

If Auburn loses this one, they should have a Dr. Pepper field goal kicking contest to see who gets to coach the Tigers against Alabama next week.

Sam Houston State at Texas A&M 3:30 p.m. PPV

After last week's single-handed demolition of No. 1 Alabama, henceforth, Johnny Manziel, who has earned the nickname Johnny Football, shall here be referred to as, simply, "Football." Like Elvis, Prince, Madonna, Bruce, Bear, Lefty, Patton, Buddha and other distinguished individuals who have earned the single-name moniker, Football is that good.

This week, we get to see if Football can gain 1 billion yards, which would break his multiverse record of 999,999,999 set last week against Alabama.

Ole Miss at LSU 3:30 p.m. CBS

Well, after last week's loss to Vandy, Ole Miss has to beat either these guys or Mississippi State next week and the outlook is unfavorable for either.

If it were possible, The Rebel Bears might want to forfeit this one and focus on beating the Dogs.

Because LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger got born again hard against Alabama two weeks ago, and he has given the Tigers a dimension at quarterback they haven't had since 1957. OK, maybe it hasn't been that long, but it's been a while since LSU had a quarterback who struck fear in the hearts of men. LSU is one of the best teams in the country right now, and probably better than one or two and maybe all three of the teams currently ranked higher than Alabama, which LSU did everything but beat.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt 7 p.m. ESPN2

Any Walking Dead fans out there? Did you find what the zombies did to Lori and T-Dog as disturbing as I did? You won't want to watch this one.

Vanderbilt has been under the cruel boot of the ruthless Volunteer for centuries, and now finds itself a 4-point favorite at home against the wounded bully.

Maybe Tennessee will pull itself together and make a stand, win, and keep alive the hope of a post-season bowl and another year for the embattled head coach.

And maybe not…

Syracuse at Missouri 7 p.m. ESPNU

Man, this would be a great basketball game. But check out that big, old No. 45 for Syracuse. He's a full-growed man.

Samford at Kentucky 7:30 p.m. CSS

A depressing scenario. Watch this one if you don't feel like staying home to play Adele records and look at old pictures of your ex.

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