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Experts: Stephenson murder case is "solvable crime"


As a reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect for the murders of Bill and Peggy Stephenson expires on Thursday, investigators have released some new information.

On Aug. 29, the Stephenson family announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect. The Boone County Sheriff's Office says they have received an influx of tips, but none have led to an arrest.

Bill and Peggy Stephenson were murdered in their Florence condo on May 29, 2011. Police have the killer's DNA, but have been unable to identify the suspect.

Sheriff Michael A. Helmig and the Stephensons are again urging anyone with information concerning this heinous act to come forward.

Two of the lead detectives in the case recently traveled to Philadelphia to present the case to the Vidocq Society, a group of 82 professional members who bring a broad array of forensic and other experience to assist in cold case investigations. 

"There was a consensus among the Vidocq members who took part in the consultation that this is clearly a solvable crime and the unique characteristics of the homicide have provided valuable information about the offender," said Vidocq member Mark Safark. "The offender likely made disparaging comments about the victims or related family members immediately after the homicides when there were news stories.  Comments that at the time would have seemed odd to whoever heard them as they had no context within which to evaluate the comments.  The public should also be cognizant of anyone talking disparagingly about either the victims or their immediate family members in response to articles that will appear in the media as we devote significant resources to the investigation. For example, the offender may have said in a response to a news piece on the case, that the victims probably deserved it or they should have locked their doors or been more careful…something to that effect."

Vidocq works closely with local investigators and prosecutors to help solve a death or homicide and bring perpetrators to justice. All work is done, at no cost to victim's families or law enforcement, pro bono as part of the Society's commitment to public service. The Stephenson Family is planning to make a donation to the Vidocq Society.

"We're looking for information on anyone that may have had ties to our area," said Boone County Sheriff Michael Helmig. "This could be a person who visited Oakbrook or the surrounding area that weekend or it could be as innocuous as teenagers who hang out around the plaza across the street.  Many area high schools had graduation events that night. Also, anyone who noticed behavior changes in another since that Memorial Day weekend which could include an increase in drug or alcohol use, hospitalization for unexplained mental issues, or a general change in their personality that seems unusual is urged to contact us."

Tips can be made by phone at 859-344-8496 or online at

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