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Mass adoption ceremony generates laughter and tears


Hamilton County held its annual mass adoption ceremony in probate court Friday.

Thirteen children were officially adopted into seven area families.

There were plenty of smiles, and even a few tears, as the children were adopted by their families.

Some of the families had cared for the children since birth.

Carolyn Winkler is an adoptive parent who says she adores children. "It's just what I want to do. Don't ask me to go to work 8 to 5. Give me 24 hours with my kids."

Winkler and her husband, Joseph, have fostered 140 kids over the past 30 years. Carolyn says its become a lifestyle, "We never started in foster care to adopt and when they first started coming they weren't to be adopted, they were going to return home, but as they kept coming and we got them right from the hospital, from birth, they just became ours."

Robin Moore explained to Probate Court Judge James Cissell judge why she wants 16-year-old Kevin to be her adopted son, "I want to adopt Kevin because Kevin has been a gift to me from God."

Kevin has autism and Moore says she can provide for his special needs, "Kevin needed things that I was able to provide him with. Not only a family, not only love, but he also needed structure. He needed someone to show him that he is and that he was very important.

Kevin says the adoption is important to him. "It means its my new life with my mom, my new mom," he said.

It's a special kind of love these kids are getting from their adoptive families like Tonda Lyons who says she's like the woman from a familiar nursery rhyme, "I'm like the old lady who lives in the shoe who has so many children she didn't know what to do. This makes 10 children for me and it's just a wonderful thing because I love children."

Lyons, who lives in Bond Hill, adopted five siblings including 16-year-old Destiney.

"It means a lot to me," Destiney told our camera. "Memaw showed me what a real family could be...even though...my family it was ok.

Destiney tries to forget difficulties of her past.

Many of the children have been abused and neglected. They now have new lives with loving families.

That's something Judge James Cissell says gladdens the heart, "this is one of the few times that is really a positive reflection both in terms of what we see and a positive reflection on society."

There are 190 children in Hamilton County ready to be adopted, but that number keeps shrinking every year.

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