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Shopping for Thanksgiving feast in full swing

It's that time of the year again when folks are shopping for that Thanksgiving feast that will please the eye and fill the belly.

Fox19 talked to some shoppers about what's going to be on their thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving is one of those meals that hasn't changed in the 73 years its been a national holiday.

You may have the occasional dish made with tofu or perhaps even a lentil loaf, but the folks we talked to still prefer the traditional feast.

Betty Thomas of Sharonville says she's planning a typical Thanksgiving meal. "Greens, string beans, I got turkey, dressing, candied yams, potato salad. "

The selection will be much the same at Cathy Cain's home in Forest Park. She says "The turkey of course, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Some one usually brings deviled eggs."

Debbie Demaris of Silverton says she's having "Turkey, oyster dressing which is a family tradition, some sweet potatoes."

Turkey remains king of the thanksgiving table. In fact, the USDA says Americans eat 45-million turkeys on thanksgiving which is one sixth of all the turkeys consumed the entire year.

Thanksgiving with all the trimmings is a lot of food, but Cathy Cain says she has yet to complete her shopping. "I've not quite done all of it, I've done some of it. I kind of do a little at a time because I get burnt out if I do it all at once and I feel too overwhelmed with it, but yeah I'm getting there. I'll definitely be there by Monday because after that it'll be a nightmare in the stores.

Rhonda Radford of Reading says she hasn't even started. "I'll procrastinate shopping until the last possible moment and I'll do the same for Christmas."

This is a busy time of year for grocers like Mark Goessling who runs the IGA store in Reading. He says "Just this weekend the rush started to hit us and everybody is getting ready for the turkey weather, starting to load up on their turkeys and their stuffings and things like that getting ready for the holidays."

Store manager Ray Kamps says the biggest shopping blitz is yet to come. "A lot of it is last minute. It'll be Tuesday and Wednesday especially on the produce items and things like that."

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