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Thanksgiving travel in the Tri-State


Tri-State roads remain busy Wednesday as thousands make their way to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

This year the AAA is predicting more people to take to the roads and fewer travelers are taking to the skies to get to their turkey destinations.  The company says this is the fourth year in a row Thanksgiving travel has been on the rise since it took a dive back in 2008.

In Ohio, 1.7 million drivers are expected to hit the road for the holiday.

"[It was] not bad until we came to Cincinnati and then everything sort of came to a screeching halt," Lisa Hawker of Toledo told FOX19.

More than half way to their Frankfort destination, the Hawker family made a snack pit-stop in Northern Kentucky to celebrate getting through the Brent Spence backup.

In addition to the traffic, families like the Hawkers will also be facing high gas prices again this year. Drivers across the country are paying roughly $2.15 more a gallon for gas this year than they were ten years ago according to AAA.

In the Tri-State, Ohioans paid an average of $3.52 a gallon Wednesday, Indiana drivers shelled out $3.49 and Kentuckians spent the least per gallon on average at $3.37.

 "You end up filling up where you have to when the car runs out for sure but it's nice when you're there to find one that's a little bit of a deal," Lisa's husband told FOX19.

 The Hawkers were hopeful that despite gas and traffic counts going up, drivers will remain thankful for the holiday and keep tempers down.

 "Everybody just needs to realize we're all in the same boat, trying to get to a destination and just be kind to each other," Lisa said.

 As usual, Sunday is anticipated to be the second busiest travel day of the holiday as people return home from their Thanksgiving travels.

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