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The Line King: No loss goes unrewarded

(RNN) - For the three people that actually read this, the Line King needed to update his bowl projections.

With Missouri losing to Syracuse (what happened to the "$EC is the best" theory?), it looks like only eight teams will actually qualify for a bowl game.

That leaves Shreveport, LA, and Birmingham, AL, scrabbling for fill-ins, usually Sun Belt and MAC teams. While that may be a good deal for those two conferences, it raises the question: Why do Shreveport and Birmingham even have bowl games?

Aren't bowl games supposed to be a reward for a good season? And please note, a good season nowadays includes beating less than half of your conference opponents and one lower-tier program (preferably a bad lower-tier program).


LSU (-12.5) at Arkansas 2:30 p.m. ET

Finally and thankfully, the season comes to a none-too-quick end for the Hogs. Actually, this season ended last spring. Although historically Arkansas has been known to tip over the applecart now and then. Maybe not this Friday, but wow laying 12.5 is scary – do it.


Georgia Tech (+14) at Georgia noon ET

A classic, classic opportunity for a letdown for the Dawgs, who are already in the $EC Ego Championship game. Tech could actually finish the season 6-7 and still go to a bowl, lose and finish 6-8 (see above). My goodness, take the Jackets.

Kentucky at Tennessee (-13) 12:21 p.m. ET

If there ever was a game were the free-flow of Bourbon was encouraged, this would be it. Both teams are so woefully inept, the Line King has offered to hold the Bourbon Barrel until either is worthy of keeping it. Taking Big Orange and laying 13 points is a dangerous thought, but so are bright orange pants.

Auburn at Alabama (-32) 3:30 p.m. ET

Bammer takes on its second FBS program in two weeks. Barn fans remind themselves THEY won the National Championship two seasons ago … the Line King has pointed out several times why they have tanked but has been ordered not to mention it again. My gosh, laying 32 is dangerous.

Florida (+8) at Florida State 3:30 p.m. ET

FSU has been complaining they aren't in consideration for the mythical national championship game. One only has to peruse their schedule to answer the question of why. The only powder puff missing is Barn. Are you kidding, take the 8 points.

Vanderbilt (-11.5) at Wake Forest 3:30 p.m. ET

Brainiac Bowl. Vandy has the slight advantage in SAT scores, but the Deacons have God on their side, and it's never wise to go against God on the road, but in this case let's roll the dice and lay the 11.5.

Missouri at Johnny Football (-22) 7 p.m. ET

For eight seasons these two teams wanted to face each other at the seasons end – in the Big 8 Line-Their-Pockets Game. Well they get their chance, only no trophy. The Line King never bets against Johnny Football, but laying 22 is scary.

Miss State (+1) at Mississippi 7 p.m. ET

It's the last chance for the Black Bears to go to Shreveport. Rumor has it the Independence Bowl executives will be in town … as game day officials. Ole Miss State has stumbled through this season, winning the games they should and getting thumped on games that matter, but +1? Are you kidding me?

This game doesn't qualify as a "matters" game, unless you are a Black Bear fan hoping to gas up the car and head to Shreveport – that ain't scary, that's just sad.

South Carolina at Clemson 7 p.m. ET

Talk about scary, SoCar is getting 4 points. Everyone knows the Line King is no $EC homer, but the ACC might be worse than the Sun Belt this year, so how can SoCar be the underdog? Seems like a no-brainer.

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