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Local merchants vying for share of holiday shoppers

Move over black Friday its time small business Saturday time.

Local merchants may not have shoppers camping outside their doors, but they do have plenty to offer.

Big box stores depend on a lot of hoopla to get people through the door, but local merchants take a quieter and more personal approach.

Annalissa Purdam is Assistant Manager at Kismet a women's clothing store in O'Byronville. Purdam says they have a lot of repeat customers. "We've got a really strong customer following. We've got an extremely loyal customer base."

Purdum says they're getting their share of holiday shoppers. "For how small our store is we pack a lot in and our customers come and fill the store and buy so we've had really great success over the holidays."

Barb McManus who runs the Mustard Seed consignment shop in Clifton says people seek out her out for hard to find items. "What we like to promote is the atmosphere in our store. It's a lot of fun. We have a lot of unique items that you won't find necessarily out there."

McManus says she offers shoppers a change of pace. "We think we have a lot to offer that you don't find in those crowded cookie cutter type of stores out there."

Down the block from Mustard Seed is Toko Kizs toy store.  Assistant Manager Sam Dewald says "We often carry things that you can't find at other places like green recycled items or wooden classic toys."

Dewald says she's not worried about competition from the big boys. "We purposely try not to compete with them. We try to carry things that Toys 'R Us and Target, K-Mart don't have."

Le Bon Vivant in East Walnut Hills caters to area Francophile and Assistant Manager Donna Wilson says many customers prefer to shop local.  "Its much better for the local economy to patronize your small local businesses so i thinks there's sort of a backlash happening and people are saying no I'm not going to go to wal mart today I'm going to go to my local small businesses and spend my holiday dollars." 



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