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Reading Schools Awarded $60,000 Grant


Brian Page teaches business, economics, and personal finance classes at reading high school and with a shaky financial future lying in the decades to come he wants his students prepared.

"Kids need to leave Reading High School understanding how to manage their money." Said Page.

His passion in the classroom has landed a $60,000 grant from Discover Financial Services which will give the school a full computer lab including 30 computers and all the support technology.

According to Page, when they wrote the grant the design was to provide them with the technology support that the students needed and specifically hire people to write the curriculum.

The grant will help special education students who are more at risk to predatory financial products.

Page says with more complicated contracts, mortgages, and credit cards this program is necessity.

Some staggering statistics from states that 55% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, 60% of do not have a rainy fund, 26 million adults do not have bank accounts, and only 65% of 18-year olds know how to write checks.

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