Senate-Intelligence Report

Scathing Senate report out on Iraq intelligence

The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says the information that America went to war with last year was flawed. And the panel's vice chairman says Congress never would have backed the Iraq war if lawmakers knew then what they know now.

The panel has released a report on pre-war intelligence on Iraq, saying many intelligence assessments were exaggerated or flat-out wrong. Republican committee chief Pat Roberts says many US claims about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction weren't supported by the raw intelligence -- and shouldn't have been included in a major intelligence report.

Roberts says those flawed claims included one that said Iraq was reactivating its nuclear weapons program, and that it had an advanced biological and chemical weapons program.

Democratic vice chairman Jay Rockefeller says before Nine-Eleven, the intelligence community didn't "connect the dots" that could have exposed the terror plot. He says the intelligence situation was worse before the Iraq war -- because the so-called "dots" didn't even exist.