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Videos of interviews with Stacy Schuler's victims released

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Stacy Schuler, the former Mason High School teacher convicted of having sex with her students, has been out of prison for two weeks.

Now, videos of the police interviews with the victims have been released.

Schuler, 36, was a gym teacher at Mason High School.

She was found guilty of 16 counts of sexual battery and three counts of providing alcohol to a minor.

Schuler served about a year in 4 year sentence before her release on Nov 15.

The videos provide more insight into how a popular gym teacher turned friendship with her students, into drug and alcohol orgies.

The sexual encounters with the students began back in the fall of 2010.

Stacey Schuler was known as an easygoing teacher who earned the confidence and trust of her students, and that's how it began.

One victim says, "It started with me coming to her for like depression because I'd known her. My brother and sister had her for trainer and stuff like that, and I knew her."

After the student talked to Schuler about what was bothering him, he says Schuler began to talk about things that were going on with some members of the Mason High faculty.

"She kind of opened up about different things within the school that were kind of corrupt, if you will. Different like principals, that sent her naked pictures. Different what's not supposed to happen within the school and that's kind of how it started."

Initially, two students, both 17-years-old, went to Schuler's apartment where they all drank alcohol and smoked pot. 

The victim says Stacey apparently wanted things to heat up. "She was trying to be flirty and touchy I guess you could say, and it was made clear to my friend and I that she wanted more, and we weren't really expecting that."

At this point, the victim says, all three go into the bedroom. "She gets undressed, and we do too, and from there started kissing and just went from there."

The teen says Schuler had sex with them sometimes all together, and other times they took turns. "He comes back out and says ok it's your turn. We got on the bed, started kissing and started having sex."

The sexual encounters finally ended in December 2010 following Schuler's arrest.

One of the victims told investigators that Stacey expressed concern that their sexual activities would cause the victims some psychological problems in the future.

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