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UC ranks 13th in most dangerous universities


The University of Cincinnati has been ranked as the 13th most dangerous college in the country.

This ranking is based on FBI reports of violent and property crimes reported on or near campus between 2008 and 2011.

According to the Business Insider, 558 property crime incidents and 23 violent crimes were reported at UC each year. 

Just within the last three months, there have been three reports of women being sexually assaulted on UC's campus. 

There is a possibility that the study results may have been impacted by universities not being as aggressive when it comes to reporting crime.

The most dangerous college listed on the list is UCLA. 

UC President Dr. Santa Ono hosted a Campus Safety Summit earlier this week. In a memo to the UC Community on Friday, he outlined ideas and initiatives the school is taking to improve campus safety.

Some examples include:

  • Starting on January 1, 2013, UCPD will increase the number of officers on patrol by 30%.
  • UCPD and CPD will collaborate with the Uptown Consortium and the University of Cincinnati Institute of Crime Science (ICS) to standardize the collection, analysis and dissemination of crime data.  This will enable us to develop more and better data-driven solutions to safety and security.
  • UC's Advisory Committee on Public Safety (ACOPS) and the Student Safety Board will work with CPD to develop a "Students on Patrol" program modeled on the "Citizens on Patrol" program.  
  • CPD is exploring the feasibility of reassigning district boundaries within and around UC to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Student orientation will now include a joint presentation by UCPD and CPD on how students can best protect themselves and promote safety. 
  • UCPD and CPD will enhance and expand its educational outreach to international students.
  • CPD and the City will generate a cost estimate for increasing lighting, signage and other environmental assets in certain neighborhoods. 
  • UCPD will study the impact of using of a mobile substation to increase its presence and visibility in targeted areas.
  • The Student Safety Board will develop a proposal to expand the Bearcat Transportation System to include designated routes to and from popular student destinations.
  • UCPD, CPD, ACOPS and the Student Safety Board will work together to design and implement a robust social media strategy for promoting safety.
  • The President's Campus Safety Committee will engage UC's criminal justice faculty-who have built one of the most widely recognized and respected programs in the world-in the planning process.   

Just how safe the University of Cincinnati campus is depends on who you talk to, but there's one thing for certain.

No one here takes campus safety for granted.

Sarah Ganson works on campus, and says she's always aware of her surroundings.

"When I'm walking around at night, I definitely am more aware of my surroundings. I make sure that I always have my keys out so when I'm getting to my car I can get into my car, but it's not a settling feeling at all."

UC Student Body President, Lane Hart, says he encourages people to become more proactive about their safety.

"A lot of what we need to do in order to drive those numbers down around campus is make sure that everyone is looking out for their own personal safety, and not put themselves in a position where they could be robbed or taken advantage of."

However, Naomi Verlin says being vigilant about personal safety can only go so far.

"My house has been tried to be broken into three times. My car's been stolen here. My sister's tires were slashed here."

Electronic Communications student, Udo Ndwamu, says he's not surprised UC is considered a dangerous campus.

"It does have its times when it can get really dangerous. I think part of it is being like closer to downtown. Certain areas where like crime can spill over into the Clifton area."

Ashley Stuart says she has concerns about her safety.

"Honestly walking home from class sometimes I hear gunshots, and that doesn't really make me feel safe."

Teresa Brogan works at Bang Bang Hair Salon near campus, and says she feels safe.

"We're open until 9 o'clock, four nights a week, and I work two nights, and I've never had an issue walking to my car."

That's the experience campus police Captain Rodney Chatman says he wants for everyone.

"Its a lofty goal to completely eradicate it, but for us one crime is too many and we're constantly seeking ways in which we can make the campus safer for our students, faculty and staff."

"Campus safety remains a top priority for my administration," Santa Ono, UC president, said in the memo.

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