Boating Accidents Up in July

July is the busiest month of the year for recreational boating, but it's also the most dangerous for accidents. Already this summer law enforcement officers say they've seen too many. The more boats on the river, the more risk, but that's no reason to stop having fun if you remember a few safety rules.

"The most important risk to manage is wear your life jacket all the time because 80 percent of the people who die in boating accidents did not have a life jacket on," says Troy Thompson with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Many boaters fall overboard as a result of alcohol and wreckless driving. More than 80 percent of accidents are alcohol related.

"With the boat, you have other factors that contribute to you being intoxicated, stressers like the heat, the noise, and the vibrations."

Owner of the California Yacht Club, Randy Reichelderfer, sees boating mistakes seven days a week.

"If they go in ahead of a boat, then they get hit by that same boat they just fell off of. That's the one that really worries me and I see that. These people coming in, we tell them, 'Sit down, get down on the deck, do not stand up.'"


o that's why law enforcement is pushing life
jackets, making sure you have them, but wishing boaters would wear them.

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