Family Shocked by Suicide

Police say 28 year-old Dontel Medalion committed suicide in his holding cell while he was waiting to be transported to the Hamilton County Justice center. He was arrested Friday for attempting to sell counterfeit crack cocaine, and it was only a few hours later, when Sheriff's officers found him dead.

Police say Medalion removed the drawstring from his pants, placed it around his neck, and and tied it off to a ventilation screen in his holding cell. Patrol clerks discovered him when they realized Medalion had not moved from the same position for a while. He was sitting upright on a chair or platform bench with his weight on the drawstring around his neck. The preliminary autopsy from the coroner's office states suicide by strangulation.

To his friends, Dontel is known as "Dre". Latoya Barnes is a close family friend and says the suicide is a shock, "It don't seem real, because this is not Dontel."

Latoya says he was a happy person, always smiling, "He was the type to go to work, come home, take care of his family, take care of his kids, because, like I said, he loved his wife, his kids, he loved life itself. To me, this is nothing he would do."


he last time a suicide happened in
ail was almost two years ago.
arnett with
heriff's office says the rooms are suicide proof, but with just a drawstring tied around the neck and a ventilation screen, you can cut off oxygen and pass out in a matter of seconds.