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Hamilton Co. residents react to Stadium Fund deficit decision


A lot of mixed reactions in the community as property owners learned of Hamilton County tax increase, regarding the Stadium Fund deficit dilemma.

However, of the homeowners that spoke with FOX19, one point they all could agree on was that neither option was ideal.

"Everybody would suffer if the sales tax increased," said Lois Brauntz, a 31 year resident of Delhi Township. "Property taxes, they just always hit property owners."

Brauntz and her husband own several properties in Hamilton County and would have rather seen a sales tax increase.

"I can't say I'm happy about it, but on the other hand we need some way to fund it, and this is as reasonable as any," added Jim Enright, a 25 year Hamilton County homeowner. "I would've preferred the sales tax, but again we have to figure it out some way and this is a reasonable approach."

As property owners learned they would foot the 2013 bill for Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park, some questioned if it was fair the burden fell on property owners.

"The majority of people that use the stadiums are probably not property owners," explained Brauntz. "So, therefore we're incurring the expense and we don't use the facilities."

The Brauntz's stopped attending games because of the tax payers responsibility to pay for the stadiums.

"My husband will not go to the games because of the stadium tax."

But fans like Jim Enright think the presence of the Bengals and Reds does a lot for Hamilton County.

"We need the Bengals and the Reds and I'm happy to have them here," Enright said. "They're very expensive, but I'll accept it."

And finally, at Wednesday's commission meeting, one man cited Charles Dickens to explain his frustration with the tax increase and the Bengals' owner.

"In 1843 he wrote ‘A Christmas Carol,' which focused on the travails of Ebenezer Scrooge," said Jeff Capell. "And sure enough 92 years later, Mike Brown was born."

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