Cheers to the weekend!

What. A. Week. Thank goodness it's Friday!

Here's what we have for you today on the FOX19 Morning News:

Bust out the umbrella...there's plenty of rain headed our way. Meteorologist Katy Morgan will let you know whether or not Mother Nature will be washing out your weekend plans.

BREAKING NEWS: A tsunami warning has been issued in Japan this morning after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the northeastern part of the country. The jolt caused buildings in Tokyo to sway for several minutes and a 6 magnitude aftershock has been reported.

Butch Jones: He's giving all a mild case of anxiety this week. We now know that the Bearcats' coach has withdrawn his name from the consideration pool at Colorado, but we still don't know what his future plans are. Jessica Brown is live at Nippert Stadium with more on today's team meeting.

Cory Stark and Miranda Del Pozo are teaming up this morning for a preview of Sunday's big game! Cory is live at Paul Brown Stadium with what we can expect from both the Bengals and the Cowboys while Miranda is tailgating at Longworth Hall!

If you're the parent of a little one, we have some vital information for you! Our child expert, Dr. Selena Hariharan, will be in to share the holiday hazards around the house that you'll need to watch out for.

We're raising our bar to baller-status with Harlem Globetrotter, Buckets Blakes! He'll be swinging by the studio to show off his moves and to tell us all about the next team coming to Cincinnati.

Now that we've composed ourselves from hanging out with Cozart and Heisey yesterday, our very own Stephanie Woods is heading down to Redsfest with a preview of this weekend's event.

That wraps up your news making headlines this Friday. As always, you can catch these stories and much more with Rob, Sheila and Tracey on FOX19!

Have a great weekend!