Bearcat fans remain optimistic following Jones' exit

Phil Dinovo, UC Senior Class President
Phil Dinovo, UC Senior Class President

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - UC Bearcat fans remain hopeful about the future of the university's football program following the news Butch Jones is making and exit to the University of Tennessee.

"I'm not happy about it but I think UC fans are glad to have this resolved and get ready to move on to the next man in," UC Senior Class President, Phil Dinovo, said Friday.

While Dinovo is not happy to see Jones walking out the door, he says there are no hard feelings.

"At the end of the day everybody's human," he said. "They've got families and stuff that they worry about, they're ambitious."

"We like to have successful seasons and we know that sometimes the outcome after a successful season is that we have to find a new coach," UCATS Board Member Dr. Bob Coppola told FOX19 News. "I'm confident though that players win games."

Having been a football player himself for UC, Bob Coppola knows it takes a stadium filled with families like his to build a program worth sticking around for.

"We need people to support the school both financially and on Saturdays," he argued. "There s a lot of people that make comments, 'Oh, we can't fill our stadium', but those are the same people that are sitting at home on Saturday."

With the university now promising updates on the way for Nippert Stadium, fans are optimistic.

"I'm glad to hear, and I think a lot of other UC fans are glad to hear, that something is finally going to be announced," Dinovo said.

"I think it's a great place to watch a football game, but with today's society with TV contracts, with revenue; I think something has to be done," Coppola said, adding he does not believe the plans will be as elaborate as people hope because of the limitations that come with where it is located.

While fans wait to hear the plans for Nippert to be announced, it is the announcement of who will lead the team into that stadium next year that has them on pins and needles.

"You're always concerned," Coppola admitted. "I think if you have the right people in place, which we do, that takes a little bit of the worry away. It's more we want to know. We want to know who the next coach in charge is. We want to know what our future holds."

Fans emphasized their desire to find a coach who will stay with the Bearcat nation long term and end the revolving door of head coaches.

"I think a lot of fans really want to see somebody who can stick around for a while a build up a program," Dinovo said.

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