Officials warning about door-to-door sales scams

(FOX19) - Officials sent out a warning that will make you think twice the next time the doorbell rings.

More complaints have been made about door-to-door sales scams.

Consumers say they never received what they paid for. In addition, they fell victim to aggressive door-to-door sellers who used high-pressure tactics, like fundraising for a local charity.

The Better Business Bureau reported that 600 complaints were made about these scams in 2010. In 2011, the number more than doubled to 1,300 complaints.

The number of complaints to the BBB was up again for 2012.

BBB officials say security systems, produce and meats, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, photography sales and magazines were among the door-to-door products racking up the most complaints.

The bureau suggests if a sales representative comes to your door, take a business card, research the company, and tell them you'll call back if you'd like to do business.

For more tips on how to deal door-to-door sales personnel and information about rights to disputing an in-home sale, visit these websites.

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