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Exclusive new details on ending to deadly police chase

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Car involved in deadly police chase Car involved in deadly police chase

19 Action News has new information about what Cleveland officers say happened in a parking lot as they opened fire killing two people in chase that began in Cleveland and ended in East Cleveland.

We're learning more as officers tell investigators what happened.  As the story unfolds it's believed that the shooting may have started with two shots before a barrage.

A police camera recorded the sound of officers firing 137 shots killing a driver and his passenger.  No gun was ever found at the scene.

But police radio tapes show officers claiming they heard gunfire from that car and later saw a gun during the 25 minute chase.

Sources close to the case say investigators have been told one officer fired two shots, shooting as that driver ran over a concrete island before hitting a police car.  Then two more shots.

Then we're told that driver ran into another police car head on and that led to many shots.

13 officers fired shots.  We've learned some of them believed they were being shot at.  Everything happed in a heartbeat.

Meantime, we're told at least one officer is saying the passenger also somehow waved a hand out the window as if she had a gun.

The investigation far from over.  More statements are expected Monday.

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