City budget discussed at second public hearing

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Local residents got another chance to sound off on the proposed Cincinnati budget for 2013.

A public hearing was held Monday night to talk about City Manager Milton Dohoney's proposal, regarding the $34 million deficit for next year.

This was the second of two hearings to discuss Dohoney's proposed budget, which includes cuts to the city's parking system, Cincinnati Police Mounted Patrol and stopping income tax reciprocity.

"It's so frightening that we may have this new company be more aggressive in ticketing, booting our cars, and I'm gonna lose revenue and you're going to lose a business," said Mt. Lookout business owner, Mary Beth Mitchell.

Mitchell was referring to the potential privatization of the city's five downtown parking garages, three surface lots and about 6,000 parking meters.

"This is good for the city. This is an opportunity," said Cincinnati city council member, Cecil Thomas. "We don't have the wherewith all to manage [the parking system] and maintain it, as well as run it."

Dohoney has said the extra revenue from parking would save about 350 jobs in the city.

There would be no layoffs through 2012, and union employees would receive cost of living raises in 2013 and 2014.

If city council does not approve the plan to privatize parking, the city workers get nothing.

The hearing was held at the Corryville Recreation Center.

Officials say council could vote on the budget as soon as next week.

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