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Made in LA: 7-year-old entrepreneur starts baking business


A 7-year-old DeRidder girl turned baking her family's dessert recipes into a budding business. 

It all started when Chloe Smith, 7, wanted an electric scooter from Wal-Mart. Her parents said if she wanted the scooter, she could earn the money herself to purchase it.

Chloe's nana, Kathy Phelps, helped her out in the kitchen making teacakes, pecan pies and pralines.

Soon, Chloe was selling her baked goods to customers in her parents' shops, taking orders locally and even internationally.

"My Uncle Larry works with someone in Australia and he wanted a dozen teacakes," Chloe said.

She said it's very exciting to have people buy her baked goods.

"It makes me feel kind of famous!" she said.

Her nana, Kathy, said this small business is good for Chloe.

"Most kids are given just whatever they want and so I kind of wanted to show her that you do have to work for money," Kathy said. "She was very patient ... and she knew how much more she needed every time she would sell teacakes or pies."

In just six short weeks, Chloe raised enough money to purchase the electric scooter.

"It cost $249," Chloe explained. 

And from baking and using recipes passed down for generations, Kathy said it has helped Chloe learn about their family and helped in academics.

"She reads all the recipes herself, she measures things out, so it's helping her with her math, it's helping her with her reading," Kathy said. 

"Her teacake recipe is actually her great-great-grandmother's recipe, and she never knew her great-great-grandmother. So, this kind of gives her a little connection with her," Kathy added.

And Chloe said her new hobby and business are in her future plans.

"Well, when I get about 20-years-old and I move out of college, I'm probably going to get a shop and it's going to be the Teacake Shop!" Chloe said.

If you would like to purchase teacakes or pies from Chloe, you can reach Kathy Phelps at 337-375-3789.

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