Local parents hug their children a little tighter on Friday

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Local parents in the Tri-State reacted to the news of the Connecticut Elementary School shooting on Friday.

It was an emotional trip for parents picking their kids up from the School for Creative & Performing Arts.

Renee Laguna revealed how she felt when she heard the news. "I was on my way up here and I immediately wanted to pull my son out and take him home. I mean I know that's not rational".

Although several hundred miles away in Connecticut, news of the tragedy was hard for most parents in Cincinnati to take. 
"...And it hit me. I just started crying. I had to because I felt sorry for the parents and plus, they're kids that small", said another parent, John Gordon.
Grandparent, Lawanda Cooper, could hardly take in the news. "I was sick at the stomach, really. I couldn't even talk for a minute. I told my daughter I don't even want to talk about it because it's repulsive that somebody would go in a school with that, with anybody's kids and shoot... Start shooting like that. It's just crazy".
Some parents said the random nature of school shootings makes them worry about where it could happen next.
Cameron, a local father, expressed, "I worry because I have a six year old and an eight year old that's in elementary school, and I have an older son who is in high school. So, I worry about that, and I got nieces and nephews too that go to school, so I just worry about their safety, burying your kid, that's a hard thing to do".
All of the parents said they are relatively confident their children are safe at school. However, incidents like Friday's shooting makes them want to hug their children a little tighter.
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