Emergency response means training for Cincinnati Police


The Cincinnati Police Department said the best way to prepare officers for situations like the scene in Connecticut on Friday morning, is training.
Instructors at the Cincinnati Police Training Headquarters said local schools have School Resource Officers (SROs), which work directly with the school and encourage officials to familiarize themselves with the layouts of local schools. In doing so, responders aren't seeing the hallways for the first time during an emergency situation.

 Sgt. Ron Hale of the Cincinnati Police Department said, "I don't believe we should live in a society of paranoia, but what I would like to say and what I know representative of the department, is we continue our efforts on a daily basis, that we don't forgo training or intelligence gathering or reaching out to the community. This is an ongoing, every day process".

Officials said as recent as the past year, they've conducted an active shooting training course at the department for officers at all levels.

In addition, a number of officers from different departments throughout Greater Cincinnati have also taken part in the training, including fire personnel.

Cincinnati Police also conveyed most of the officers are also fathers and mothers and members of the community. As a result, they anticipate law enforcement around the country to keep an extra eye out at schools in the coming days and weeks. 

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