School security consultant visits FOX19

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The former Forest Park Police Chief, Ken Hughes, now holds seminars on how to set up better school security.

Following an elementary school shooting in Connecticut on Friday, officials said the school had a security system in place with lockdown procedures. Visitors even had to be granted entry, electronically, from office staff to enter the building.

Hughes pointed out it's impossible to protect every student and staff member at every school.

However, it's important to recognize things you can do, beyond lockdowns.

  • After locking the door, barricade the door so the shooter cannot enter.
  • Evacuate the building as quickly as possible, use windows if accessible.
  • Utilize designated professional training days to discuss the plan.
  • Highlight the safest places in the building and what to do if a shooting happens in common areas, like the cafeteria.

The former chief also revealed, it's important that everyone is cognizant of the school's plan.

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