Butler Co. sheriff increasing patrol visibility at schools

In the wake of Friday's tragic school shooting in Connecticut, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones says all Sheriff's Patrol Units are being instructed to substantially increase their visibility at all schools within their normal patrol districts.

Jones said it will be accomplished by frequently patrolling through school parking lots and the various other school-ground areas.  To help with this high visibility order, the Sheriff's Office will be adding at least two additional marked units to be deployed during normal school hours to specifically patrol school grounds.

Jones added that there is no way to guarantee that an incident such as the Connecticut tragedy won't ever happen here, but he hopes that these actions can somehow limit the potential of a similar tragedy.

"Most of the recent victims were young, innocent children.  We have to take whatever steps we can to protect our future," said Jones.  "Kids should be safe at school.  We have to do anything we can to try to keep them that way."

Jones said he would like to see new legislation mandating armed personnel in all Ohio schools, grade school through college.

"I believe having armed personnel readily available to immediately respond would be a deterrent in and of itself," said Sheriff Jones.  "If a potential shooter knows someone might react within seconds rather than having a 15-30 minute or more window of opportunity to wreak havoc on as many victims as possible, they may re-think their plan.  It seems that some of these cowardly individuals wind up taking their own lives as soon as the first responders arrive.  I think having the first responders already on site makes the most sense to me."

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