Will city take money from Metro to pay for streetcar?


Will the city of Cincinnati take money from the Metro bus system to pay for the streetcar project?
Mayoral candidate John Cranley and city councilman Chris Smitherman held a press conference on Monday, claiming the city administration is proposing to divert funding from the regional busing system to the streetcar project.
Cranley and Smitherman say that's a violation of the city charter, because they say in 1972, Cincinnatians voted to dedicate transit fund dollars specifically to the bus system.
"The idea that money would be diverted from the bus system to a streetcar that isn't even planning to be built for 3 or 4 years is a horrible way to treat the citizens who depend on the bus to get to and from their jobs," said Cranley.

However, Mayor Mallory says he's not going to take money from Metro to pay for any part of the streetcar or its operation.

He says funding for the streetcar is already approved and allocated and that he's not going to request a change to the city's agreement with SORTA, which operates the bus system.

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