Proposed gun shooting range near Loveland schools draws concerns

LOVELAND, OH (FOX 19) - There is some interest from a local business man to open a gun shooting range near Loveland Primary and Elementary schools.

The building, which has been vacant for years, is located in the 800 block of Loveland - Madeira Road.

Those against the shooting range say it sends the wrong message and could turn into a potentially dangerous situation.

"Last week it would have been no issue with me being this close to school but I'm kind of hesitant now," said Gail Smith, who's young sons attend school in the area.

Loveland city leaders say a shooting range is allowed under local law, and strict regulations would be applied to a business before it opened.

"Up until today, we haven't really been hearing anything in terms of negative feedback about it," said Loveland city manager, Tom Carroll. "I have a fourth grader and a sixth grader. I get it as a parent. I understand completely, [but] our laws will allow for an indoor shooting range," said Carroll.

In 2004, Loveland residents voting overwhelmingly in favor of allowing indoor shooting ranges within the city limits.

No vote is necessary. Since the law already allows it, any proposal for a gun shooting range would be presented to the Loveland Planning and Zoning Commission for review.

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