Survivor sponsors tournament for DWI prevention

A local crash survivor will sponsor a basketball tournament to raise awareness for drinking and driving.

Jason Booher, the basketball coach at Holmes High School, is a survivor of the 1988 Carrollton bus crash. The crash is listed as the worst drunken-driving accident in U.S. history. 24 children and three adults were killed after a drunk driver crashed into the school bus returning from a church trip to Kings Island.

In addition to speaking with students about the importance of not drinking, Booher is now the sponsor of the STOP-DWI Holiday Classic. The tournament will represent both Booher's love for basketball as well as his message of not drinking.

The tournament will take place on Friday and Saturday at Holmes High School.

During the tournament, police officers, firefighters and EMTS will be honored for their work in preventing DWI.

The coaches and members of the participating teams have all agreed to attend Coach Booher's presentation about the bus crash and the dangers of drinking at 4 p.m. on Saturday.