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Gun buyers wait for hours to purchase potential banned rifle


President Barak Obama has promised tighter gun control regulations but Republicans are fighting the measure in Washington.

The political tug of war is causing a supply shortage in the weapons that could be the target of a ban next year.

Obama has suggested he intends to make gun control a key part of his agenda next year and that is translating into big sales for gun store.

"Today has been very busy just with everything going on in the firearms world and the political world," said Trevor Stein, assistant manager of Target World in Sharonville."That is definitely brining a lot of customers who are concerned about not being able to find AR's in the future."

The AR assault rifle is the civilian equivalent of the military M-16, but doesn't have the capability of firing multiple bullets with one pull of the trigger.

Adam Lanza was armed with an assault rifle when he entered Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut last week.

Gun rights proponents say the crime should be placed on the person, not their choice of weapon.

"[Lanza] could have found another way of done it whether it be by use of explosives or a bladed weapon. If somebody has the will to do it, they will find a way to do it," said Stein.

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