Soldier and Santa surprise daughter in Christmas homecoming

DECATUR, AL (FOX19) - A little girl missing her father in Alabama got a big surprise this Christmas.

Tracy Lott, 5, and her little sister Aubrey were waiting in line to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas in Decatur, Alabama.

Suddenly, the one thing Tracy truly wanted on her list came true.

Their dad appeared, just in time for Christmas.

Sgt. Jonathan Lott of the U.S. Air Force had been stationed in Germany for three years and was able to come home for the holidays.

"I didn't know what to think. I didn't know how she was going to react. He was at the airport and didn't know I was going to get to pick him up, and I knew if I didn't pick him up, I was going to be a wreck when he walked around the corner. So I was kinda glad that we had our moment," revealed the girls' mother, Katie Lott.

The sergeant said the Air Force plans to relocate him to Florida in the near future.

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