Sheriff's Office passing out bookmarkers for unsolved murders

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is passing out bookmarkers in an effort to crack unsolved murders.

Hope Dudley from 'UCanSpeakForMe' came to the Sheriff's Office earlier this month requesting that a poster displaying photographs and names of victims of unsolved murdered females be posted at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Dudley said her son, Daniel "Chaz" Dudley, was the victim of a drive by shooting while being a passenger in a friend's vehicle.  There were no witnesses and the driver and other passengers of this vehicle claimed that they did not see anything.  In an attempt to find out what happened to her son, Dudley began putting up flyers and writing letters to bring attention to this crime.

It is because of Chaz' unsolved murder that Ms. Dudley created "UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarkers".  She placed these bookmarkers in churches, libraries, stores, and local jails hoping that by conversation there would be some lead to her son's and other unsolved murders.

In an effort to help Ms. Dudley's cause, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is passing out UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarkers to inmates and displaying the Unsolved Murder posters on all floors within the secured areas of Hamilton County Justice Center, Talbert House, and Reading Road facilities.

For more information about Hope Dudley's cause, visit the UCanSpeakForMe website.

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