Snow plow companies looking to profit from 'Old Man Winter'

OAKLEY, OH (FOX19) - While plow companies may have taken a hit last winter, they are now looking to make a profit from 'old man winter'.

Ewers and Sons has stockpiled more than 100 tons of rock salt for use by snow removal contractors and landscapers.

The staff says one good snowfall could even wipe out all of their inventory. For this reason, Ewers & Sons depends on weather forecasters like FOX19's Jeff Creighton to accurately order enough salt for the roads.

"Hopefully Jeff will get it right this time, and we know what's coming and order accordingly," said Bob Ewers.

The company also sells salt by the bag to landscapers Joe Childers, who is already making up for last year's lack of snow.

"We had no snow last year. I think we only threw salt three or four times last year. This year we've already banked more than we did last year."

In business terms, Roger Van Pelt, of Ewers and Sons looks towards the positive side.

"If we do fall off the cliff, maybe the snow will cushion the blow."

Business may be slow for stores during winter storms, but snow plow companies will be working around the clock to keep the roads safe.

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