FOX19 Investigates: 513 area code scam

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Your caller ID shows a number with a 513 area code. It's not a friend or family member calling from the familiar Cincinnati area code, though. It turns out to be a man on the line who claims you've won a Publisher's Clearing House contest. But it's a scam.

FOX19's investigative team has learned people across the country are getting calls from (513) 587-4417.

Sometimes the guy calling claims that you owe his company money, that he has a subpoena against you and is taking you to court. But don't believe it, if the call is coming from the above number. Just hang-up.

Also, when it comes to contests, Publisher's Clearing House says "Our major winners are notified by mail or in person (at our option) and we never phone ahead to disclose that someone has won a major prize.

PCH also says it never hires telemarketers to sell magazines or services over the phone. So don't order anything from someone on the phone who claims to be with PCH.

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